Headlines from the United Kingdom

Here in the United Kingdom, my hotel provides a complimentary edition of the morning paper, The Independent.  As I was perusing it this morning over breakfast, several headlines caught my eye, mainly those concerning the debt ceiling crisis in the United States, and the ever oppressing austerity measures imposed by the reigning party in the United Kingdom.  Here is a sampling of some of the headlines from today's The Independent newspaper.
Any Reduction in America's Credit Rating Will Affect Every Person In The Planet
Unions Threaten An Autumn of Discontent
Prepare For University Places Chaos, Admission Chief Warns
UK Set for Low Growth as the Mood Darkens
However, one writer looks past the doom and gloom of the economic downturn by looking at today's challenges with an alternative point of view.  Mary Ann Seighart, in her article entitled Ideas for the Age of Austerity, writes of the certain satisfaction one can achieve by making money go further.  Gone are the days of excesses, overspending, and chasing after the latest fashion.  It can feel liberating to let go of such things.  Although this is somewhat of a 'forced austerity', perhaps this is a way of teaching responsibility to our collective global society.  Yes, the economic forecast is indeed dire, but we must adjust our expectations accordingly and accept the fact that our days of prosperity are over.  Ms. Sieghart's article is linked below.
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