Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

Yesterday, an awkward moment between Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke occurred as Paul asked Bernanke a blunt and direct question:  Is gold money?  Below is an article from the New York Sun recapping this exchange. Also included is a video clip.
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Gold Rises to a New Lifetime High

Amid concerns of the threat of additional quantitative easing, the downgrade of Irish debt, and the continual loose monetary policy, gold has reached an all time high.  At this moment, on July 13th, gold has climbed to a new record of $1586.00 per ounce.
Yesterday, Trader Dan Norcini wrote that gold had indeed broken out and was poised to take on its all time high. 
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How To Deal With a Flash Mob

As I'm about to embark on another trip to the United Kingdom soon, I've been warned to look out for rioting and mobs in London.  Although there have already been many protests there that have turned violent, they've seemed to happen between my trips over there. Yes, so far I've been fortunate.  However, I'm always vigilant, but as the economic climate continues to become more grim, it's best to be prepared for any eventuality.  Austerity measures and budget cuts continue to remain unpopular within many European countries, and these general feelings of discontent and unrest can quickly escalate into violence and mobs running out of control.  Furthermore, social networks make it easier for people to organize themselves quickly into a rabble intent on destruction and hostility.  
Not only have there been riots in Greece, England, and Egypt, but there is more and more evidence of this happening here in the United States.  Recently, alarming mob activity has happened in Peoria, Illinois, and Philadelphia.  Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, who authored a book called Surviving the Economic Collapse, addresses these events on his blog in the link provided below.  Mr. Aguirre, who lived through the economic collapse in Argentina, provides some very helpful tips on how to protect yourself against a flash mob.  This is well-worth reading, especially for those who live in or travel to major metropolis areas.
Jena Eison 
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Global Train Wreck Coming

At a recent conference in Melbourne, Australia,the Reserve Bank Director warns of a "slow motion train wreck" in the global economy.
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Parallels between Greece and the United States

Ron Paul draws some interesting parallels between Greece and our situation here in the United States.  He also suggests the United States should declare bankruptcy.  Basically, we're broke.  What else can we do? 
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Trader Dan’s Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

The following link contains a very informative article from Dan Norcini’s Blog on the recent turn of events involving the commodity market.  ‘Trader Dan’ is a frequent contributor to our newsletter whose insights and and opinions are always right on target.  Please check out the rest of his blog as well. 
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Precious Metals Seminar with David Morgan and Courtney Smith

This past weekend (June 5th) I attended a Precious Metals Seminar in Los Angeles hosted by David Morgan and Courtney Smith. 
David Morgan is considered one of the world's most well-respected silver aficionados in the precious metals industry.  He is the author of the acclaimed Morgan Report, a montly publication which covers economic news, overall financial health of the global economy, currency problems ahead and reasons for investing in precious metals.
Courtney Smith, who hosts the website,, is the only man in history to have a top ranked mutual fund, hedge fund, and stock newsletter.
Between the two of these distinguished gentleman, who are consummate gurus in their respective fields, I was able to come away with many useful tools and vast resources crucial to keeping up with the pace of the Precious Metals market.
I will be giving an update from this meeting at our seminars next week.  Details are below: 
When: Monday, June 13th

Tuesday, June 14th

Time: Monday 6:00 to 8:00

Tuesday 6:00 to 8:00

Location: 205 Siloam Road Easley, SC 29642

Subject: The Real Economy : Recovery or Depression?

  • Is there another downturn in our economy?
  • Have you ‘storm-proofed’ your assets?
  • What to do with your Real Estate?
  • Will the US Dollar lose its reserve currency status?
  • Is there a way back to where we were?
  • What will happen to the US?
  • The Prime Mortgage Crisis and Banking—is the worst over?
  • How to deal with the planned confiscation of IRA’s, 401(k)s, and Private Pension Plans?

Jena Eison

Jena Eison is the Vice President of Atlantic Bullion and Coin, and editor of the Market Update Newsletter. She is a graduate of Columbia College and the University of South Carolina.

After attending numerous conferences in Europe on the global economy, she brings a unique perspective to her presentations. Her vast knowledge of precious metals from an international point of view is a compelling reason to attend this seminar.

Ron Wilson

Ron Wilson is President of Atlantic Bullion and Coin, Inc. For 35 years, he has given speeches on following:

  • The economy
  • The government’s intrusion into our everyday lives
  • Who’s really setting up policy in Washington, and many other topics

    He has served on the South Carolina State Board of Education, and recently served two terms on the Anderson County Council. He and his wife, Cassie are owners of Live Oak Farms in Woodruff, South Carolina.

    Ron brings a fresh and unique view of the economy and will be brutally blunt about our situation. You will not want to miss this very important talk.

    Call or email today to reserve your spot for one of these seminars!!!

    ***Reservations Required!!!***

    Call (864) 605-1000 to reserve your spot!

    Contact Stephanie Robins

    Atlantic Bullion and Coin, Inc.

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